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Portrait de Doobes Releases Minkata Shard Update and its contributors have put out the latest update to the Minkata shard (Minkata.77).  It comprises many bug fixes and other needed changes which, once properly tested, will be added to Cyan Worlds' MOULa shard in short order.

Some of the fixes (and their contributors) this upgrade include:

  • Fixed the issue that quick mouse moves while walking/looking by mouse could get the cursor out of the window and break the continuous turning (Hoikas)
  • Fix remote code execution through Python.Cheat and Python.RunFile (Boq)

In addition, the team has a request for those using the shard:

Code that has been changed on Minkata but not yet incorporated into MOULa is still present in this release (i.e. Physics fixes, Quab fixes, and removal of proprietary video player code). This is a final iteration of testing this large update to MOULa before Cyan picks up the changes. It is essential that we uncover any issues with the code before the handoff to avoid having Cyan spend time reverting MOULa back. In that situation we would be wasting some of the Cavcon fund due to having to back out (and resubmit) the changes

Make sure that moving your computer's mouse cursor into and out of the client window now behaves like any normal Windows program (your cursor should no longer be held captive by the game client)
Unless you forewarn me, don't try to do anything to confirm or exercise the exploit bug. I'll work with the developers to confirm this fix.

Haven't signed up for Minkata yet?  Head to this link and follow the instructions for creating an account and installing the shard.  Good luck to everyone testing the fixes!

Portrait de Doobes

All Guilds Meeting - March 2013

We're charging right through this year at a crazy pace!  This month's All Guilds Meeting came and went and once again, there was much to talk about!  Check out the raw and cleansed chatlogs and see how things went.

Here's a summary of the meeting:

Guild of Writers

Hoikas took the time to guage interest in having a St. Patrick's Day parade in Gehn shard.  He also mentioned a few statistics about the GoW's shard as well as announcing that the next release, Gehn.15, is expected to be released March 9th, with some bug fixes, a new Tre'bivdil stained glass entry designed by Tweek and modeled for URU by Doobes, and a new Age for all to enjoy!

Mac and rarified gave an update on Minkata and dealings with Cyan.  rarified is catching up on some Foundry housekeeping, including compiling a new build of the shard's client, to get ready for new updates and fixes.  They're still in contact with Cyan about getting said additions into MOULa soon, reiterating the need for a healthy CAVCON meter to help things along.

Guild of Instructors Lire la suite

Portrait de Doobes

Gehn.14 Now Available

Proving that the Guild is constantly busy, the Guild of Writers has released a new version of Gehn shard, very soon after the last release and just before the party they are planning on having there!

The list of changes in this version include:

  • Enable KI Light
  • Fix Ahnoying Quabs
  • Fix avatar headshots
  • Fix crash-causing race condition in clone loading
  • Fix crash in /look command
  • Fix incorrect instance-naming
  • Fix invites going out to everybody on the shard
  • Fix notifications for KI mails not sent to you
  • Fix PRP updates not being added to the resource manager
  • Fix server race condition that could hose login attempts
  • Fix some unresponsive footstep regions
  • Fix Teledahn camera issues
  • Fix widescreen FOV distortion
  • Fix Zandi welcoming himself to CleftCom
  • Mop crazy glue off floors and stairs
  • Realign alternate time frames

Be sure to log in and download the latest upgrades.  Don't forget to visit the GoW forums to report any other bugs you may encounter as well!

Portrait de Doobes

Gehn.13 Is Now Live

Members of the Guild of Writers have been hard at work on bug fixes for their shard, Gehn, and they have released a new build of their client!  Here's a list of changes in this version:

  • Add CWalther's Tre'bivdil stained glass design
  • Add /party KI command
  • Don't garble network messages
  • Fix BlueSpiral without breaking it again
  • Fix /clearchat
  • Fix crash on exit
  • Fix crash when sending a PM to an avatar in another age
  • Fix imagers not being removed from the KI list
  • Fix infinite loop
  • Fix log race condition crash
  • Fix many potential crashes related to invalid keys
  • Fix physical controller debug crash
  • Fix potential crash on opening a journal
  • Fix Tre'bivdil collisions
  • Fix unthemed windows
  • Fix voice chat icon
  • Further optimize the launch process
  • Generate mipmaps for DynamicTextMaps (text on imagers looks better)
  • Massive reorganization of string and filename handling
  • Plug memory leaks
  • Remove window sizing border
  • Render DynamicCamMaps at the full client size (certain reflective surfaces look better)
  • Blit powers of two

Most notable is the new stained glass for Tre'bivdil by Christian Walther and a few graphical upgrades.  See the side-by-side comparisons for yourself in this thread. Lire la suite

Portrait de Doobes

All Guilds Meeting - February 2013

It's Groundhog Day in the US, and as we all wait for a (hopefully) early spring, we repeated our usual tradition of the All Guilds Meeting!  Many groups were there this month, both new and veteran faces coming in to update everyone.  We have our usual raw and cleansed chatlogs for your consumption.

Here's what happened:


Christopher and Mystler announced the public release of an URU test shard dubbed "Destiny" after the spaceship in the television show Stargate Universe (which Mystler had been watching at the time).  This shard will primarily be for testing purposes, including new fan Ages for multiplayer functions.  More information can be found on their forum.


Next to present was Alien.  She announced that she will be broadcasting audio plays of both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings that were first broadcast by the BBC about 30 years ago.  The broadcasts would be one hour each week for 15 weeks.  Alien plans to start them around the time Heritage Night ends its current cycle in about 6 weeks, so look back here for further details!

  Lire la suite

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